How to increase Cost per Click (CPC) in Google AdSense


CPC or cost per click is the amount earned by AdSense publishers every time an ad on their site is clicked. The amount can be as low as $0.01 or higher than $10. The amount is determined by the amount a Google AdWords advertisers bid for the particular ad. To get ads with high CPC, consider the following tips. Follow the links for details of the particular tip.

Target high paying keywords

As advertisers on Google AdWords bid for keywords in targeting their ads, targeting your site for the high paying keywords will definitely increase the cost per click of your AdSense ads.

Display relevant ads

When Google couldn’t find the relevant ads for your site’s page, it’ll display less relevant ads (which normally is general and low paying ads) or even worse, PSA or Public Service Ads (which pays none). It is important then to make sure you have the right ads displayed on your sites.

Display less ads

When many advertiser bid for a keyword in Google AdWords, the ad with the highest bid will be displayed on your AdSense ad units. When there are too many ad units in a single page of your site, it’s likely that even the low paying ads will also be displayed. Your won’t earn much if your website visitors click on the low paying AdSense ads. To fix the problem, try to place less ads, but increase the CTR of the ads.

Display both text and image ads

When choosing to display both text and image for your AdSense ad unit, image ad will be displayed only if the CPC of the ad is higher than the CPC of all the other text ads bidding for the same keyword. Choosing to just display text or image will limit the choices ad to be displayed.

Avoid smart pricing

Smart pricing is a feature imposed by Google to protect AdWords advertisers by reducing the CPC of ads served via Google AdSense. If your site is smart-priced, the ad that’s supposed to pay $1 can earn you significantly less than $1.

Enable placement Targeting

Placement targeting allows Google AdWords advertisers to directly advertise on your website. AdWords advertisers search for specific criteria, and if your website has it, they’ll advertise on your website. This normally yields higher CPC of the ads.

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