How To Motivate LinkedIn Users To Engage With Your Content (Infographic)


LinkedIn is definitely a powerful platform for building your professional brand.

This statement has been supported in recent times by the increase in content being published, shared and read on site. In fact, LinkedIn has reported that they have seen a two until three times increase in referral traffic in 2016, while members are now publishing more than 160K long-form posts via LinkedIn Publisher every week.

However, in order to truly capitalize on the potential of LinkedIn as a personal branding tool, particularly in regards to using LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform, you have to know what types of content are getting traction with your LinkedIn audience.

That said, as with all social media marketing, you need a platform-specific approach – what works on Twitter won’t necessarily resonate on Instagram, for example.

So what type of content works best on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions team has created this new infographic as a guide, the result of a survey of more than 9,000 LinkedIn members. There’s a lot of great insights here – take a look and see what you might want to implement with your LinkedIn content strategy.


Infographic credit: LinkedIn

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