How to Persuade Your Prospects with Real-Time Personalisation (Infographic)



Personalisation can be an amazing and powerful marketing tool.

In the new era of social media communications where spams and computer-generated content, the opportunities for personalised messaging is greater than ever.

All the major platforms are now working to facilitate greater personal connection and relevance – one of the biggest drivers of Facebook’s new Bots for Messenger platform is that it will enable brands to maintain more personal, specialised connections with each member of their audience.

To better highlight the benefits of personalisation, take a look at the infographic for some of the key statistics and opportunities around personalised outreach.

Here are some of the important notes:

  • 40% of consumers spend more from a personalised website experience
  • Google ‘near me’ searches have increased 2.4x year-over-year
  • Businesses sending mobile offers using real-time data are seeing 7x higher conversion rates

There are more data points and ideas highlighted in the graphic below – worth considering in your marketing plan.


Infographic credit: VMob and Microsoft