How To Protect Yourself on Facebook: Social Media Security Tips (Infographic)


Facebook is a kind of big deal when it comes to the number of users that they have worldwide, with estimated figures of around 1.5 billion.

This makes it easily the most widely used social networking site in the world. With such success and popularity that Facebook has, comes the inevitable attention from hackers and with that, makes them a massive target for these cyber thieves. Thousands of accounts get hacked every day and in some cases cause the user a whole lot of problems as usually personal data is stolen and used against them.

You can find all this valuable information at the bottom of the graphic under the section ““Ways To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers”. Simple tips such as not saving passwords to your browser and increasing the character count of your password can make such a difference.

Don’t become another victim to Facebook hacking. It’s vital you take action now, because if you don’t, you could just well be next.


Infographic credit: Top 10 Select