IKEA Adds Augmented Reality to 2013 Catalog




IKEA has added augmented reality to its 2013 catalog with new features that let consumers access films, interactive experience and photo galleries with their smartphones.

As the video above shows, IKEA has been putting out a catalog since 1951. Since then, it has evolved from a print vehicle to (last year) an iPhone, iPad and Android app. IKEA hasn’t yet released an augmented reality app for use with the upcoming catalog, which goes out to some 211 million consumers worldwide. According to Creativity Online, one of the augmented reality features will be “x-ray” vision that gives you a look inside the furniture.

IKEA isn’t the first to employ augmented reality for a catalog — British retailer Tesco launched a catalog last year that let consumers access 3D images of more than 40 products via augmented reality.

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