LinkedIn Acquires Refresh To Improve Its Service



LinkedIn is reinforcing its platform with the acquisition of startup and iOS app, Refresh.

Basically, Refresh enables users to find insights about people they are meeting with. In fact, the app was created to act as a digital briefing book so that professionals could discover common ground and build stronger relationships with the people they are meeting.

“To fulfill our mission, we built our technology to provide the most relevant and timely details at just the right moment. Over the past three years, customer engagement, reviews, articles, and customer feedback have provided validation that Refresh has excelled at doing this. Our joint passion for delivering insights that help professionals be more productive is what makes joining LinkedIn so exciting. Plus, LinkedIn gives us an opportunity to share insights with more than 347 million professionals across the globe”, said Bhavin Shah, Refresh’s co-founder.

He goes on to warn that the app will no longer accept new users and will be shut down on April 15th. After that, the Refresh team will focus on providing LinkedIn members with more insights to help them better do their jobs. It will be interesting to see how LinkedIn leverages Refresh, as the technology could prove useful for LinkedIn’s mobile apps, including the Connected app that aims to help professionals network and strengthen their relationships.

That said, Refresh says that it will contact its current customers regarding the shutdown process and to explain how they can download notes they have stored within the app.