Mashery Increases API Flexibility with Control Center


Gartner has predicted that by the year 2014, a many as 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies will offer public application programming interfaces (API) as a means of disclosing a range of materials, from media content and product catalogs to commercial transactions and medical records.

An increase in API usage will mean that IT managers will demand more control over how API traffic is managed.

Mashery, a provider of API management technology and services, plans to meet this issue head-on with its annoucement of the Mashery API Control Center, a platform designed for flexible routing and management of global API traffic, both in the cloud or on a site. The platform, which is the first in the industry, is run out of a single, powerful dashboard that provides highly scalable and comprehensive insights into API performance.

The Control Center will allow companies to “mix and match” between APIs run in the cloud and those on other premises based on security, speed and control requirements. This eliminates the need for companies and IT managers “to make an all-or-nothing decision between running APIs in the cloud or behind their own firewalls.”

For each API, managers can choose one of two different deployment options. The first is Mashery Local, a new version of the company’s traffic manager that operates entirely inside a corporate data center under the full control of IT managers. The other is Mashery Cloud, which is made up of two independent, global, enterprise-grade API distribution networks that offer four levels of failover and redundancy. The Cloud networks are operated by Mashery.


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