McDonald’s Australia “Loaded Fries”: Help A French Fries Become A Detective



In its latest campain, McDonald’s lets their fans help a hot chip detective (yes, you read it right) solve crimes.

McDonald’s is giving its Facebook fans a chance to decide how a hot chip solves a series of crime in a new online ‘movie’ called Loaded, which is part of its new #FryFlix marketing push. DDB Sydney and VML have created a string of new online videos and TV ads to promote McDonald’s latest product, Loaded Fries, which come with a variety of sauces.

The launch trailer for the scheme puts fries at the centre of the narrative playing various characters, and telling people they can control what happens next by interacting with the brand on Facebook. It is part of a ‘Bring Fries to life’ campaign from the brand.

The campaign is going to be launched this week.