McDonald’s Has Decided To Continue The Loaded Fries Saga with #FryFlix



It looks like McDonald’s “Loaded” campaign has gone viral.

The multinational fast food company has just released a follow up campaign that is billed as ‘world’s biggest crowd-directed short film starring fries’ named #Fryflix. It has unveiled the final piece of its Loaded Fries #Fryflix marketing campaign, a short film which was directed by fans of the brand on its Facebook page.

The fast food firm is claiming it had nearly 3.5m contributions to the film Loaded, which was created by VML Sydney to support the above-the-line push from DDB Sydney for the new food offering. The six-minute long film, released on Christmas Day, sees Detective Joe Fry searching for the missing Howard Spudly, leading him to ‘The Sauce Boys’ who are linked to mysterious disappearances of local fries. So far it has had 1.2m views on Facebook.