Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Employed Beacon Technology in Its “Explorer” Campaign


Today, The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has launched its “Australia’s first Bluetooth Smart Beacon” campaign which sends personalised micro-location based notifications to people who are close by to festival venues and have the Festival’s ‘Explorer’ app. If you are unaware about what a Beacon technology is, please take a look at this post, where the Beacon technology was used beautifully in Rubens House Art Gallery. The campaign’s goal is to ensure that the public ‘explore’ the various participating venues during the festival with the technology installed in more than 50 cafes, restaurants and wine bars.

The festival says that it is the first time in Australia the technology has been used for a commercial purpose.

Moreover, these “explorers” have the chance to win exclusive festival experiences. However, they are required to do more than just walk past the venue to win. They need to complete challenges which are picked up by the Bluetooth Smart Beacons when they are completed, rewarding the ‘explorer’ with free food and drinks, unique event experiences and festival tickets. The app and the beacons are part of a broader strategic approach developed by Ogilvy Melbourne. Brendon Guthrie from Ogilvy Melbourne stated that this festival is now one of the world’s leading food and wine events, so the expectations of those who attend are very high.So they want to combine good ideas with cutting-edge technology to make sure exploring Melbourne’s festival is a deep, rich and above all, unique experience.