CMS Migration: The End of Adobe Business Catalyst

Is your website currently hosted with Adobe Business Catalyst?
On March 26th, 2018, Adobe announced that they were discontinuing development of their popular CMS platform Business Catalyst:
Adobe is committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. It’s in our nature to innovate and try new things, and it was in this spirit that we acquired Business Catalyst in 2009. As we re-focus on products that broadly provide our customers with the most value, Adobe is announcing the end of development for Business Catalyst as of March 26th, 2018. New sites will no longer be available for purchase starting with June 18th, 2018.

The original End of Life timeline for Business Catalyst was 2020, but was extended by Adobe to March 26th, 2021 in response to customer feedback:

More than two weeks have passed since the End of Life announcement for Business Catalyst. During this time we have listened to your feedback on a variety of channels in addition to speaking directly with our partners. Two pain points we’ve heard consistently are the timelines for closing down Business Catalyst along with the ability to upgrade trial sites to paid. Recognizing that these are challenges that many partners face, we have decided to modify our plans in order to ease your transition out of the Business Catalyst platform, as follows …
We are extending the End of Life timeline from 2 years to 3 years, with the end of life now scheduled for March 26th, 2021. We hope this additional year will give our valued customers and partners sufficient time to move clients to a different platform.
Thank you for providing your feedback and insight. We know this is a difficult transition and are committed to help you succeed in the effort to migrate your sites to new platforms.
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You can read the full statement from Adobe regarding the End of Life announcement for Business Catalyst here.
Adobe recommends that their customers migrate to another CMS well before the 2021 deadline. Adobe will only retain customer data until March 26th, after which the data will be deleted and websites hosted on Business Catalyst will be made inaccessible to site administrators. 
If your website is hosted with Business Catalyst, then it is time to start planning your migration to another content management system. Leaving your CMS migration to the last minute could result in the loss of valuable data, customers and leads for your business.
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