NAB Australian Online Retail Sales Index: July 2013


On July 2013, Australian online retail sales increased to $14.1 billion, which was equivalent to 6.3% of traditional retail spending. Retail data is highly seasonal with sales peaking around the Christmas period. It highlights a slowdown in online sales growth between January and April this year, and acceleration in growth in recent months. The three month moving average growth rate was +3% in July (up from +1% in June).

The growth in Western Australia has slowed, moving from one of the strongest growing states to one of the weakest in July. NAB’s ‘Special Report’ also reveals that traditional retailers have made some inroads in the online space, but sales are dominated by pureplay retailers (online only retailers), who account for 70% of total sales. This share has been relatively stable across 2013.

Here are the full reports:

1. NAB Online Retail Sales Index: Indepth report – July 2013


2. NAB Online Retail Sales Index: Special report – July 2013