NetSuite OneWorld Gets Update for 2011


NetSuite OneWorld, the world’s first cloud-based ERP solution for global companies, was updated yesterday with the release of its newest version.

OneWorld is the brainchild of cloud-based financial/ERP software suite provider NetSuite.

The 2011 version of OneWorld includes automated intercompany management to accelerate and increase the efficiency of the “close process,” and it also streamlines compliance with expanded support for international taxation and audit reporting.

“NetSuite OneWorld 2011 delivers slice and dice insight for every user, with real-time OLAP style multi-dimensional analytics, and new SuiteCloud developer enhancements which further enable the mobilization of ERP within global enterprises.”

Among the newest features to the 2011 update of NetSuite OneWorld are:

– Broader international business management

– New global financial consolidation and management features

– Advanced back-office ERP capabilities

– Real-time multi-dimensional analytics

– Enhanced CRM

– SuiteCloud platform support for the latest Web development standards

OneWorld has long been one of the world’s most frequently deployed cloud-based ERP solutions for companies that need to manage complex, mission-critical business processes. Currently, over 10,000 companies and subsidiaries are dependent on NetSuite.

Gartner recently named NetSuite as the fastest-growing financial management systems vendor in the world.

More information about NetSuite OneWorld 2011 can be found here.


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