Nielsen Launched DRM, Combining Mobile and Desktop Audiences



Digital industry body IAB and Nielsen have launched Australia’s latest digital audience measurement currency, combining their audience bases across desktop and mobile devices for the first time.

The all-new Digital Ratings Monthly (DRM) substitutes the Nielsen Online Ratings which measures the most popular news sites in Australia. It also provides an insight into the audience size of services like Twitter and Snapchat.

Furthermore, DRM aims to give the market a first look at Australia’s total digital audience, de-duplicated, across PC, smartphone and tablet for both web browsers and apps. What DRM is doing is capturing and reporting the real year-on-year growth of unique audiences across key digital devices. It allows the market to understand how much duplication there is across devices. It enables us to do by having this enhancement is ensure we maintain market confidence in our trading currency.

DRM fuses together Nielsen’s pre-existing PC panel for home and work, consisting of 7,000 people, with nationally representative panels of Australian smartphone and tablet internet users, consisting of 2,000 smartphone users and 750 tablet users, as well as Census-tagged data for PC and mobile web. It also uses a single-source panel and an establishment survey in an effort to provide de-duplicated audience figures.


The above data shows the total active digital universe in Australia is close to 19.6m people across smartphones, computers and tablets – with 17.951m on computers, 13.170m on smartphones and 7.58m on tablets during February. According to the data for last month, Google, Facebook and Youtube are unsurprisingly the top three sites by unique audience. For February, Google had a unique audience of 19.627 millions with an active reach of 92.43%, while Facebook had a unique audience of 15.477 millions with an active reach of 78.86%.