Pinterest Introduces Keyword Selection and More Informed Optimisation Options



Pinterest is notorious as one of the most difficult social media platform to optimise. However, latest news from Pinterest seems to bring a small light ray for marketers.

Ahalogy, a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner, has just launched a technology that allows social media marketers to optimise their content on the popular visual pinboard by leveraging suggesting keywords in an attempt to drive greater performance. The solution essentially suggests keywords in real-time (as marketers pin content) based on Ahalogy’s proprietary content and trend data.

The “Liftwords” are populated by a Pin’s source content and are based on the past performance of several millions of Pins and Repins from Ahalogy’s Content Network, which is comprised of more than 1,500 Pinterest content creators.

For example, a food brand creating a Pin for an might see suggestions to include words like “recipe”, “desserts”, and even “chocolate” to their Pin description.


“Pinterest’s capability to drive a brand’s overall digital and content strategy, across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others, is what many marketers find attractive,” said Ahalogy Co-founder and President Bob Gilbreath. “As more consumers look to Pinterest for inspiring—and shoppable—ideas, smart marketers are increasingly understanding the power of meaningful content. We built Liftwords because we know Pin descriptions and keywords are core elements to great content. When optimally Pinned, great brand content will be shared more, last longer, and have a significant earned media effect on Pinterest.”