Pinterest is Adding More Features on Its Video Feature, Giving Advertisers More Options


Pinterest has put their newest feature into literal motion with the release of Promoted Videos.

With this feature, now businesses and Pinners alike can get ready to set sail on an unprecedented journey of consumer engagement.


Recently, Pinterest is testing the new mobile video marketing by offering businesses the ability to promote their brand via how-to’s, demos, and sneak peeks. However, the real advantage here is that Pinterest’s new video option enables businesses to combine related, easily accessible pins to support their video content, all in one place.

The team at Pinterest have really made this feature a business treasure chest, offering pearls at every turn. For instance, videos only play as you’re scrolling – when you stop, the video stops. Just like their Cinematic Pin predecessors, viewers can’t camp in their home feed and enjoy your video content. To get the full benefit the viewer has to click, which means at the very least you get a measurable impression.

One of the most unique features of this rollout is Pinterest’s native video player – no site redirection necessary. Once a Pinner clicks on the video, not only will they get to view and hear the video in its entirety, but also be exposed to six additional related pins displayed right underneath. Businesses can handpick those pins instead of relying on an algorithm of suggestions, which gives a company even more ways to leverage the tool.


When it comes to Promoted Video pins, Pinterest analytics paint a pretty clear picture: They track the number of impressions, number of video views (including the percentage of the video viewed), and the number of clicks your video generated. Like any marketing campaign, you’ll need to track your progress so you’ll know where to tweak along the way, and your Pinterest analytics dashboard couldn’t possibly make that task any easier.