Pinterest Optimisation: How To Get Higher Pin Count (Infographic)



Pinterest is a visual discovery tool used for searching and categorising online images, with 100 million active users worldwide.

More than a photo sharing website, this social platform works well for visually-driven businesses. Since customers need to decide if the item looks appealing enough before deciding to buy it. Industries that capitalise on this feature include food and beverages, fashion, design, and travel.

This medium offers two advantages for businesses:

  1. It showcases their brand offers through visually-appealing images.
  2. It strengthens their message with minimal yet eye-catching captions for each photograph.

Pinterest may not be as vast as Facebook and Twitter in terms of usability, but its capacity to drive more traffic with its creative visuals makes it more distinct from others. When it comes to visuals, Pinterest allows you to make the most out of your pins and gives you the opportunity for constant sharing. The infographic below will show you how Pinterest can help make your pins stand out and attract new and loyal customers.


Infographic credit: Slide Genius