Pinterest: The Trending Gift for Holidays (Infographic)


There are now more than 150 million people logging onto Pinterest each month, conducting over 66 million searches per day across the more than 75 billion Pins.

That’s a lot of data to sort through – and given that the majority of Pins relate to specific brands and products, Pinterest is in a perfect position to oversee the latest product trends and what’s gaining momentum and consumer interest.

This is particularly relevant over the holidays, when everyone’s looking to purchase that exact right gift for their friends and loved ones, many of whom they don’t have regular contact with. And even if they are communicating regularly, that still doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to get that exact right thing they’re after.

Utilising this vast data set, Pinterest has created this new infographic which looks at what products are gaining the most momentum on the network in five different categories: Technology, Homewares, Travel, Kids and General Trends. You might find valuable gems inside to use for your following Pinterest marketing. Check it out.


Infographic credit: Pinterest