“Real Time Marketing” Has Proven To Be Effective Method For Modern Content Campaign



Have you ever considered taking advantage of breaking news on your social media channels? If not, you are certainly left behind the others.

A recent research from Wayin has revealed that 64% of real-time marketers have influenced breaking news on social media in the past year. The number increases to 78% for brands seeing an ROI of at least 50% on their real-time marketing investment, compared to only 57% for brands with an ROI of less than 50%.

“The best brand marketers no longer rely only on planned campaigns; they’re looking to social media to find real-time, consumer-generated moments to power more informed and engaging campaigns – and it’s paying off. Companies using the right technology to find and analyse these real-time moments and use them in a meaningful way are able to connect real-time efforts to overall marketing goals and greater revenue results” said Jordan Slabaugh, Wayin’s vice president of marketing.

Perhaps more important is that 98 percent of marketers report a positive impact to revenue from real-time marketing. There are obviously some significant challenges to real-time marketing of this nature, of course, but is it worth the investment? The answer lies in you.