Seven Good Reasons Why You Need A Solid SEO Strategy



Whether you have a small business that serves local market or a multinational company that covers global audience, implementing a solid SEO strategy is completely advantageous.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps the visibility of your website, creates a user-friendly experience, and generates a steady flow of targeted traffic to your website among many other things. In today’s post, we will discuss seven reasons why you need to immediately build a good SEO strategy.

1. SEO can easily build brand awareness

In the past most SEOs cared about little more than ranking your website for a set of keywords. Just as Google has made continual updates to improve the search results, a good SEO strategy has evolved as well. Commonly when people think about building brand awareness, strategies such as billboards, networking and offline ads come to mind. While those things can help in building brand awareness, failing to incorporate digital strategies into the process would be a costly mistake.

Think about it for a minute, if someone is searching for a service and they are continually exposed to your company, does that not build brand awareness? It obviously does. Even better, since they are searching for what you offer, you are paying to build brand awareness with a targeted audience. SEO promotes you to those with a problem your business can solve.

2. SEO increases average conversion rates

Even if you overlook the cost savings of SEO, you cannot overlook the incredible difference in conversion rates. When people search for a service and find you listed organically, there is an inherent trust that is not even replicated with PPC ads. Since you advertising is focused on those with a problem you can solve, you are bound to turn more of them into customers.

3. SEO is better than PPC ads

High organic rankings will yield a higher average conversion rate than using pay-per-click. In addition, if you set your PPC budget to low, your ads will not even be shown to numerous interested searchers. On the flip side, failing to properly optimise your PPC campaign can result in a lack of clicks or as bad, untargeted traffic wasting your budget. While PPC ads are a great way to supplement a digital marketing strategy, failing to include SEO would be a costly mistake.

4. SEO provides better experience for mobile users

Several studies have indicated that the majority of searches for local businesses come from mobile devices. As you may recall, a few months ago Google made it known that having a mobile friendly website was a must. While the update did not affect as many search results as initially expected, it made it very clear that you need to cater to a mobile audience. A solid SEO strategy will do a couple of things to make that happen. The first and most simplistic step is to make sure your website is mobile friendly. It is my recommendation that you opt for a responsive design over a separate mobile site. The second thing a solid strategy will do is look at the variation between desktop searches and mobile searches. This will help you identify the searches you should optimise for to reach nearby consumers. Doing so will allow you to capitalise on the fact that 70 percent of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour.

5. Your competitors are doing it

If it is a known fact that people search for businesses online and take action with them shortly thereafter in many cases, it is pretty clear that you need to be marketing to them online. If you fail to take advantage of online marketing, you are all but handing your potential clients over to your competition. Do you really want to 70 percent of your potential customers to find your competitor online and visit them instead of you? If so, it might be time for a career change.

6. SEO is more cost effective over other traditional methods

When is the last time you ran a newspaper ad? For many of you the answer is “I am still running one”. While the effectiveness is an argument we will save for another day, the cost of reaching potential customers is clearly higher for newspapers. Digital marketing is hands down the least expensive method, not to mention the only method that reaches such a tightly targeted audience.

7. Online world is the near future

Every day more and more people are gaining access to and utilising devices to browse the internet. While SEO has been around since the late 90s, we are now reaching a point where it is becoming a mainstream advertising method. Our society as a whole has grown to expect current and actionable information about almost any subject to be available on demand. While SEO certainly helps you sell products and gain exposure, it also allows you to share your knowledge with those seeking to better understand your product or service and the problems it can solve. If you are going to spend money on advertising, why not spend it on a method that continually connects you with your ideal customers?