Six Social Media Safety Tips For Professionals (Infographic)



Social media is a fun place indeed, but it also has several in-built vicious dangers on it as well.

Social media has shifted the way people communicate and connect around the world. Still, sharing personal information online can be troublesome with the rising trend of identity theft and account hacking. In the following infographic, you will learn six way to protect your account and your identity when using social media. Here are some of our favourite tips:

  • Look out behind you: Before you post that selfie photo at work, check and make sure there’s nothing in the area behind you that reveals confidential or sensitive information.
  • Skip the shortcut: Many websites and application allow you to avoid creating an account by signing in with a social media login. As tempting as this can be, it is much safer to create a unique account instead. That way if one of your social media accounts is hacked, the hackers can’t access other accounts and apps along with it.
  • Prune your network: Check your list of connection on a regular basis, and flag or block any strangers or anyone that doesn’t have a profile or any content of their own.
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Infographic credit: Avnet