Smart Reply: A Handy Replying Option For Gmail’s Inbox


Most professionals will know how frustrating (and overflowing) their inboxes can be. They are going to get excessive emails as the holidays approach.

Fortunately, Gmail is making it easier to respond to emails on the go with its new “Smart Reply” feature for its Inbox Android and iOS apps. With Smart Reply, Inbox suggests up to three responses based on the emails received. By leveraging the feature, users can save time on replying to messages that need just a quick response, and can also get a jump start on messages that require a bit more thought.

To make Smart Reply work, Inbox uses machine learning to recognize messages that need responses and to generate the natural language responses. What’s more, the responses that are chosen (and not chosen) help improve the feature’s future suggestions.

Smart Reply is going to be released this week to both Gmail’s Android and iOS apps.