Snap Inc Opens The First Spectacles Store



With the first store opening, you might want to see a lot more Snapchat’s Spectacles on people’s faces very soon.

Snapchat’s latest invention, Spectacles (which enables users to record and upload video content direct from their sunglasses) has been generating a heap of buzz, due in no small part to Snapchat’s (or Snap Inc’s) hype-fueling marketing strategy of dropping their Snapbot vending machines in random locations, with no notification given on where the bots will be next.

To help track them down, Snapchat has added an interactive map to the Spectacles website, but even that’s been of little use, as the bright yellow vending machines have been selling out so fast that it’s almost pointless to travel to them unless you can get there with the first group.


And while this serves a purpose in driving anticipation and demand for their latest offering, it also makes sense for Snapchat to capitalise on the existing interest now. That’s why they’ve opened their first Spectacles store in NYC.


The store is on the southeast corner of Central Park, opposite the Apple store, and it’s hard to miss with its distinctive “yellow eye” frontage.

Inside, there’s a single Snapbot vending machine – but the key difference here is that the machine is being re-filled regularly, and will remain in place from now until New Year’s Eve, which should give plenty of people an opportunity to ‘snap’ them up (rather than having to buy them off eBay for thousands).

As noted, Spectacles have triggered a huge amount of hype, with tech enthusiasts and fans eager to get their hands on a pair. And given they’re selling for a comparatively cheap $130 a pop, you can image that a lot of Spectacles are going to be lighting up across NYC over the holiday season.

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