Snapchat Takeover For Business: Is It Even Feasible? (Infographic)



Snapchat is the star platform of 2016.

With over 110 million daily active users, sharing around 9,000 Snaps every second, the ephemeral content app is one of the fastest growing – if not the fastest growing – social networks on the planet. With so much activity taking place on the platform, and with audience engagement with Snap content rising, brands, logically, want in. Still, for many people, that’s not as easy as they’d like.

One way some brands are getting around this is by using influencers, which can be an effective strategy on any creative platform. Plus, a particularly clever way to use influencer marketing on Snapchat is via takeovers.

A Snapchat takeover is exactly as it sounds – you get an influencer or prominent Snapchat user of some kind to log-in to your account and create content for you or your brand for a set period. Takeovers help expose you to a wider audience, as the guests normally alert their own followers that they’ll be on your profile, while also boosting your own presence by providing you with content. Takeovers also work to that more intimate appeal of Snapchat, because your brand is using a human presence – a real, and skilled, creator who’s there for your audience to connect with.

Take a look at the infographic below for more detailed information on how to do a Snapchat takeover.


Infographic credit: MediaKix