Snapchat’s Latest Updates: New Filters, Temperature, Time and Everything Else


Just before the Christmas holidays, Snapchat has released several new updates to the app, which brings some unique functionalities to users. The latest update 6.1.0 includes:

  • Smart Filters – add data overlays to your snaps: Speed, Time and Temperature
  • Visual Filters – similar to Instagram
  • Replay – reviewing your recent photos or videos
  • Special Text – now you can add New Helvetica font to your snaps
  • Front-Facing Flash
  • Up to 7 Best Friends

Some of the new functionality is a little surprising. Snapchat even recommends its users not to try taking photos with the speed overlay whilst driving. Certainly good and sound legal advice. To enable these new features, open the Snapchat app then Settings > Additional Services > Manage. You will get this display where you can customise the new functions:

The most surprising feature is the replay function which lets you review your most recent photo or video in your stream. You can only do this once per day. This update kind of goes against Snapchat’s original principle, but it doesn’t seem to have ignited any users complaints so far. Social media marketers are still expecting the arrival of ‘Sponsored Snaps’ or Sponsored Snapchat posts. Many experts even predict that this feature is about to come sooner or later.