Social Media Ad Dimension Cheat Sheet (Infographic)



Social media marketing would never be fully optimised without relying on advertising.

The statistics are strong enough to back up the above statement. What makes social media advertising so powerful is the fact that it is not only do they take advantage of the popularity of social media platforms, but they also have a way of getting businesses to their target audience based on the latter’s social media activity alone.

This is also one of the main reasons why online businesses should grab at the opportunity that social advertising provides. Much like other forms of advertising, though, social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn have their own standards when it comes to placing ads on their sites. Factors such as ad types, ad dimensions, character limits on the title and description, etc. would still have to be considered to make sure that no ad guidelines are broken. This applies for both desktop and mobile versions.

For a complete list of types of ads that each social channel is offering, you can use the ad dimension infographic below. It provides a convenient view of the various ad sizes that you can choose from statistics and figures regarding the best performing ads are included as well.


Infographic credit: Dot Com Infoway