Some Interesting Facts About Local Search (Infographic)



Businesses of all kinds have one particular thing in common: they want customers returning to their store.

From an independent small or medium sized business standpoint, the quest for potential customers is usually focused only on targeted clientele within a specific geographic location. These businesses really don’t need to attract a wide or even global audience. What they really need is to boost their marketing efforts in a bid to attract highly targeted audiences that have higher chances of becoming paying customers.

Trends in search seem to be going their way, as search engines place more focus on local search. With these changes, brands and businesses with optimised local footprints can fare better in search engine results. This provides tremendous opportunities to small businesses in getting higher localised visibility, getting better exposure for their brands to targeted audiences, and generate a steady stream of paying customers from their locality.

To help you get the better picture about local search, in today’s infographic we explore some interesting facts concerning local SEO and content. Take a look at it.

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Infographic credit: CJG Digital Marketing.