Stories on Snapchat and Instagram: Which One is Better? (Infographic)


Two major social media channels has released the new feature under the same name: Stories. The question is, which one is better?

Instagram’s ‘Stories’ has ignited controversy in social media circles, mostly focused on how they could so blatantly copy Snapchat’s feature. However, it’s not a secret anymore that imitation is common  in social media – Facebook, in particular, has been copying elements from other platforms for years, from the ‘Like’ (from FriendFeed) to the ‘Trending’ (from Twitter). While it does seem overly brazen in this case, it happens pretty regularly when you look at it.

Still, there are some important differences between Instagram Stories and Snapchat, and those differentiating factors will play a part in how their ongoing battle for attention plays out. To give you a better idea of those variations, take a look at the following infographic, which compares the two oppositions side-by-side.


Infographic credit: One Productions