Tablet Commerce Continues to Grow


A recent comScore study shows that in September, 48 percent of tablet owners made at least one purchase on their device. The study, published as a whitepaper report called “Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices are Changing U.S. Digital Media Consumption Habits,” backs up claims that shopping is among the fastest growing trends in tablet usage. What is really important to take away from the report, however, is that there seems to be a pretty distinct divide between tablet users who use the devices to do almost everything and more casual users who are less-attached to their tablets. Those users who did report making a purchase on the device said that they used their tablets throughout the process, from product and store research and price comparisons all the way to the actual transaction. Devoted tablet users clearly seem set on utilizing the devices in all areas of their daily lives, or at least all of the areas where it is applicable. Some predict that the upcoming release of the Amazon Kindle Fire should see the number of dedicated tabletaholics rise considerably. Here are some charts that outline the numbers of “dedicated” tablet users compared to their casual counterparts: Comscore-Tablet-shopping-1.png Comscore-Tablet-Shopping-2.png

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