Test How Mobile Friendly Your Site Is With Google’s Latest Speed Testing Tool



Google’s latest service will target one of the biggest market share in digital world: mobile website.

Nowadays, speed testing services seem to be the latest trend among tech companies. After Netflix launched its Internet speed tester Fast.com, recently Google has announced its own tool to help you measure your website’s speed and mobile-friendliness.

The mobile website speed testing tool takes your URL and measures on a scale of 1-100 your mobile design and loading speed. It looks at things like CSS, HTML, scripts and images to see how long it takes for your website to load on both a desktop and mobile device. We have taken the test and here is the result:


Google has stated that an average user leaves the site if it doesn’t load on mobile within three seconds, so if your site takes much longer than that, your lower will appear lower. Ironically, it does take more than three seconds for Google’s tool to complete the test, but it’s worth finding out how your site fares. You can also click a button to see where you’ve failed specifically to find areas for improvement.


“On average, people check their phones more than 150 times a day, and more searches occur on mobile phones than computers. But if a potential customer is on a phone, and a site isn’t easy to use, they’re five times more likely to leave,” said Google in a blog post announcing the tool.

Interestingly, Google didn’t exactly score well in its own test. Furthermore, Google also provides various links to numerous website builders that can help you make your site mobile-friendly and fast, including services like Wix, Duda, and Weebly.