The Floating Cube: Yahoo!7 Latest Ads Format


Recently, Yahoo!7 Australia has launched its latest advertising model called “The Floating Cube”. The official statement said that the Floating Cube will give advertisers with a “more interactive experience to connect consumers to their brand”.

Here’s the official statement:

“Yahoo!7 has expanded its range of homepage advertising products, today announcing the availability of a new Floating Cube ad module. The new ad module is also available across Yahoo!7’s leading media properties including News, Entertainment and Sport. The new format offers advertisers an interactive experience that is eye-catching and engaging.

The ad format itself actually is an auto-initiated spinning cube, which emerges as the page first loads. The cube spins and floats over page content before returning back to its base module after a short period. On user interaction, the cube expands into an extra-large expandable banner with up to six rich panels available to explore. Yahoo!7’s Floating Cube ad format supports a range of content including video and image galleries giving advertisers the opportunity to engage audiences in a variety of ways.

Andrea Rule, the Yahoo!7 Head of Sales NSW  stated that Yahoo!7 is continuously looking to provide exciting new ways for advertisers to bring their content to its growing audience of more than eight million Australians. The new Floating Cube Homepage ad offering complements to Yahoo!7 other advertising products and provides advertisers another interactive experience to connect consumers to their brands online.

This new format also follows Yahoo!7’s previous advertising extensions including Double Slider, Mobile Pushdown and iPad anchored ads.