The New Google Glass Will Come Soon



A recent filing with the Federal Communications Commission has basically confirmed that Google is working on a new version of Google Glass.

The old “Explorer Edition,” was obviously a rough model that, while popular with a certain type of first-adopter tech-head, ended up ceasing production and basically going back to the drawing board. In the device’s latest sneak peek, the device is now thicker and less fragile looking than the original model, which was basically just a tiny computer they stuck on some wires so it would sit on your face properly.

Additionally, it features a larger display prism (solving one of the complaints about the original model) and a hinge to adjust for comfort.


Moreover, the new version boasts more computing power with an Intel Atom processor, will have a longer battery life, has a better wireless communication system, and will likely be much less expensive than the original version with its $1,500 price tag. Oh, and it’s also waterproof.


Most interestingly is that this version of Google Glass is named the “Enterprise Edition” which might attract the enterprise market and demographic that Google is hoping will buy the new version. Hundreds of units of the device have been distributed to partners in the Glass for Work program.

This is a canny strategy on Google’s part. Instead of releasing it to the public and hoping it catches on, which seemed to be the plan for the original edition of the device, having businesses use it as a tool could make it indispensable for some, and lead to a market for the device with actual economic demand, which would spur more innovation and perhaps lead to a new revenue stream for the company.

Of course, until Google actually makes an official announcement, a lot of this is just guesswork and speculation. However, considering that almost all the large tech companies are moving forward with either an augmented or virtual reality project, we shouldn’t be surprised that Google is still attempting to get their version of it off the ground.