The Science Behind Most Wonderful (and Popular) Infographic


Curious on how to make a good infographic for your daily blog post? This infographic is for you.

In partnership with Buzzsumo, Siege analyzed the 1,000 most-shared infographics of the past year to find out what they had in common—and what advertisers can use to make their multimedia assets more shareable. Let’s just say this: Before you start stressing over the actual content of your infographic, there are easy format and distribution tips you can use to make your infographics pop.

Speaking of industries, infographics about health do best on Facebook and Pinterest, while infographics about social media are shared more on Twitter. Additionally, you might be able to get away with wordier infographics on Twitter, seeing as the most-shared infographics on the platform average of 442 words.

To find out more for yourself, take a look at the infographic below.

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Infographic credit: Siege Media and Buzzsumo.