The Small Social Media Platform Breakthrough in 2016 (Infographic)



With the huge amount of social media platform, not mentioning the new ones, the struggle to choose the one that your business really need is real.

Sticking with the big names like Facebook or Twitter won’t work as efficient as it used to be, as there are tons of businesses out there striving to be noticed. Competitors with bigger reach and marketing budget will crush you.

So, the most reasonable plan is targeting your prospects from new and not-so-famous social media paltform. However, you need to carefully choose the proper one, as you don’t want to waste your time and effort for unfavourable and unprofitable social media platforms.

The apps and mobile marketing landscape are evolving fast and they are paving way for context-based conversations. While social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter are home to billions of users worldwide, brands have the opportunity to bring snackable, fun, interactive content to connected consumers through smaller, more close-knit communities.

The infographic below illustrates which social media apps are poised to break out this year. Take a look at it and start investing your time and effort to the most suitable social media channel


Infographic credit: Salesforce