The State of Digital Marketing Skills 2015 (Infographic)



Have you possessed the necessary skills to compete with your online competitors?

Developing digital skills is essential to keep today’s marketers relevant and ensure their marketing activities remain competitive in line with the latest trends. The following infographic reveals how many marketers possess the digital skills needed to succeed, which skills they wish to improve and how organisations can support staff skills in digital development.

Some important points:

  • Although the landscape of marketing is becoming increasingly digital, most marketers are happy to pursue this path and improve their skill set accordingly.
  • Unfortunately, organisational support for short-term courses and events seems to be lacking, which means marketers are seeking out free resources in the form of blogs and news sites.
  • While subscriptions to fee-based and free online resources could be one solution, marketing organisations might reap grater rewards from adopting a more encouraging and supportive company culture – one that invests in the development of digital skills.
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Infographic credit: SmartInsight.