The State of Native Media Advertising in Marketing (Infographic)


Today’s online consumers are less interested in traditional, passive advertisements and more interested in active conversation ones. This phenomenon has caused the booming of native media advertising.

In native advertising marketing style, the premium content is displayed alongside with other content in similar format, thus matching both of their form and function. The main goal is to engage consumers and increase their likelihood of clicking on the ads and sharing them with others. This marketing method is highly favourited by customers, since they are not watching an ad. They are consuming a content (with an ad inside). This relationship makes all elemnts (consumers, publishers, brands and advertisers) happy. With consumer’s social media and mobile technology use steadily on the rise, the power of native media advertising is growing rapidly.

This infogaphic will give you a closer look at the native advertising phenomenon and the reasons why it’s a huge opportunity for both marketers and publishers. There are some useful statistics too.

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