The Three Types of Thought Leadership in LinkedIn (Infographic)


Thought leadership is how more of today’s brands get noticed and gather more influence.

However, there is no single magic bullet for success. Choosing which ingredients go into your content marketing calls for a look at your overall strategy. Taking a high-level overview can help you identify any gaps in your brand’s influence and create the thought leadership you need to go from line cook to head chef.

To help you establish the right recipe, in today’s post, we will present of three different types of thought leadership in a simple , easy to understand infographic. Depending on your company’s size, industry, and business objectives, you might create content assets that display:

  • Industry thought leadership, including perspective on news and trends
  • Organisational thought leadership, embodied in the vision and ethos of your company
  • Product thought leadership, focused on being the best solution for your customers

For more detailed information, take a look at the infographic below.


Infographic credit: LinkedIn