The Top 5 Elements of Web Redesign You Shouldn’t Ignore


Redesigning and tweaking a website is a risky task. Done carelessly, you may end up spending more money, time, and resources while the result is very unpredictable.

The truth is, you’re just as likely to flop. There are hundreds of good websites which, sadly, mixed up with millions bad ones. In today’s post, we will review five qualities that makes web redesign count. It would be fun to break down these criteria and see how they actually affect your website.

Are you ready? Here is the first one:

1. Clarity


If your visitor doesn’t know what the page is about and what’s in it for them in the first few seconds, you’re messed up. The goal here is to:

  • Make sure you can properly articulate your offer
  • Make your offer attractive
  • Ensure they know how to take the next step

2. Readability


This is a huge factor that is often overlooked on ‘non-blog’ pages. All too often companies go a little crazy with:

  • Typefaces
  • Characters per line
  • Page breaks
  • Bolding
  • Colors

All you need to do is stay consistent and make content “eligible” and joyful enough to consume. If your text can’t be read, then your message will get lost.

3. Appearance


A professional site design will build trust with new visitors. Authentic imagery, coloration, and a solid visual hierarchy are all crucial factors for your site. You need some sections to stand out more than other and capitalise where it counts.

A site that does this well can subtly accent the most important content while giving the visitor a sense of autonomy.

4. On-site experience


You need to articulate the purpose, have solid usability for visitors of all skill levels and devices, and fast load times. If anyone of these things are missing, your user will have a hard time using your site and won’t convert.

5. Navigation


If we’re looking at a landing page, you want minimal navigation. Still, you also need to design the other pages to be intuitive. Take a look at our tips here on how build an intuitive and customer-friendly website!