The Top 5 Global Mobile Gaming Trends (Infographic)



Whether you’re into gaming or not, there is definitely a growing popularity of the mobile gaming.

Recently, the explosive growth of Pokemon GO has underlined that a huge amount of people are interested in games, mobile games in particular, making it a huge opportunity for brands to reach their audiences.

To get a better idea of the popularity and impact of mobile gaming, Facebook conducted a survey people ages 18+ across 12 countries in different geographic regions, including North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, to get a sense of their use of their mobiles as a gaming device.

And the results are pretty eye-opening – some of their key findings include:

  • Gamers worldwide will generate $99.6 billion in revenue for 2016, with mobile gaming accounting for $36.9 billion alone.
  • Smartphones are now the number one gaming device (71%), ahead of PCs (64%), Tablets (34%) and consoles (26%).
  • Women and men use mobile games in almost equal measure, with women more into puzzles and men more into strategy games.

Again, as evidenced by the massive popularity of Pokemon GO, there’s clearly a huge market for games, and given the rise of interactive content and fun-focused social apps like Snapchat, creating engaging, interesting ways to build engagement through games could be a significant marketing opportunity worth investigating. Alternatively, in-game advertising may also be of benefit, dependent on your target audience.


Infographic credit: Facebook Insight