The Village-Phone Promotion


A quiet village in Switzerland was getting a little bit of boisterousness from a brilliant marketing piece.

Tschlin is a village so quiet in the Graubu?nden region of Switzerland. It is so quiet that when the single public telephone in the village square rings, people from the entire village can hear it! To prove it, the villagers of Tschlin agreed to participate in the unique and fun promotional campaign to showcase the town in a Tourism campaign. The campaign is quite similar to ‘The Swedish Number‘ one. Take a look at the video below if you are unaware of it:

Jung von Matt/Limmat hosted a six-day long promo in Tschlin, inviting people from around the world to call the village-square telephone, where each time a resident failed to pick up the phone, the caller would win a Graubünden vacation. This is definitely a very interesting PR move for tourism. Here is the video: