There Will Be Something Fresh On LinkedIn Groups Soon


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If you’ve used LinkedIn’s Groups feature for any amount of time, you might knew how awful it can be, as it is often filled with little more than spam and self-promotion. However, that looks is going to change soon.

LinkedIn will be making some significant changes starting October 14 by launching an improved version of Groups on the desktop as well as a standalone iOS app, with Android version is reportedly on the way.

Several changes will made to the Groups experience that are worthy of note, but they seem to primarily be concerned with making Group controls more powerful and simpler. For example, LinkedIn will be making Groups private so only approved members will be able to see conversations and be able to contribute. The professional network will also prevent search engine from crawling the discussions. Expect several additional features and improvements starting next week as well, including better content filtering, the removal of subgroups, and images and mentions in conversations.

“Our data has shown that open groups have historically attracted a larger percentage of low-quality conversations,” LinkedIn wrote in its help center. “Members-only groups have created significantly more participation and conversations than others (up to five times more), indicating that members feel more confident contributing in these types of groups.”