Things To Do When Your Website Was Hit by Google Panda


Matt Cutts, the head of the web spam team at Google, has posted a video about Google Panda update. In this video, he tried to answer a question on what should a site owner do if they think they might be affected by Panda. The answer to the question, however, is quite predictable: you need to write a better content, which he illustrated at the level of published books or in popular magazines.

Google Panda was launched on 2011, and this year, it has been incorporated into the “indexing process” where the algorithm is merged into the normal ranking algorithms. The reason for this is because now the Panda algorithm impacts a “smaller number of sites” and thus is a safer algorithm to run in an automated way.

So if you notice your traffic dropped and your website rank is not as high as it was, then you should take a look at the quality of your contents and improve them.

Take a look at the video: