Three Unusual Tips To Make People Clicking on Your Links



People used to hire an online marketing agency because they need a good traffic-generator.

Seeing how people respond on certain situations is the key to know how to make people click. Here are three unusual, but useful, tips to make people clicking your links:

1. No one cares about the methods

Many business owners and marketers often get caught up in their methodology and their principles. They are so excited about the process or idea they have come up with. They forget that no one cares about the mechanics. People care about results. What can I do with this information? How can I use it? How can I make it mine? The thing is, you have to understand the vast territory that people perceive to be “results.” They may want to be informed, or they may want to be turned on, or they may want to be made to feel, or they may want to forget about something else.

What are you delivering? Delivering well is not just about delivering an interesting product. It’s about delivering well your interesting product that is wanted.

2. Be human

Get this picture of your target: A male or a female. Sitting at a computer. Their finger is on a mouse, or a keyboard, or a screen. Do you understand what you need to do? Make them move their finger. Think about that. That’s it.

To make someone take an action, you must reach inside their brain and pull a lever. This is not done by being boring, by being dull, by being a fact factory. It’s by being interesting. Which, for most of you, is harder than you think. It is very easy to be like everyone else. It is very hard to stand out.

Try to make a title that makes people wondering. Clicking is not about thinking. It’s about feeling. Get that, and get the traffic.

3. Have some guts

Many people believe that if everyone would just be a little bit nicer, they politely suggest, the world would be a kinder and fuzzier place. Sadly, this is not how it works. It’s about being willing to stand up and speak up your voice. It’s about being bold and taking risks. It’s about stopping being like everyone else and starting being like who you really are.