Top 6 Social Media Trends in 2017 (Infographic)


If you are asking what’s the latest trend in 2017, the most obvious answer is the social media itself.

Although there is a lot of uncertainty going into 2017, social media is taking the cake with its obscure nature. With an astonishing percentage of young adults using Snapchat and other platforms, there’s no surprise that advertisers want to capitalise upon the traffic. Although Snapchat’s filters certainly cost a pretty penny for the company, the high amount of users undoubtedly makes up for it.

Here are six key trends marketers should keep an eye on in 2017:

Instagram Stories is going to be a big thing

The growth of Instagram Stories is a big shift across all major social media networks. For instance, there are 100 million active users on Instagram Stories two months after release and 18% of users are watched it in a daily basis.

More customer service chatbots

The rise in social customer service means more businesses will look to automate simple requests from customers.

Paid content continues to reign

Social media algorithms make it harder for brands to get ads in front of users. Focusing on quality and engaging content still holds merit, but paid one continues to flourish.

Priority on business features and analytics

With networks prioritising business needs, most brands are beginning to understand the value of social media analytics. Ecxpect evem more focus on native platform business tools.

Move away the automation

Social media automation is more likely than ever to simply turn into social media management. Automation feels robotic, while consumers want real, humanistic interactions.

Social shopping and instant purchases

Social commerce isn’t slowing down and more networks are providing brands with easier ways to sell customers. Instant purchases are available on Instagram, but social media trends point to faster sales across the board.

Take a look at the infographic below for more detailed information.


Infographic credit: Sproutsocial

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