Top 8 SEO Trends in 2017 (Infographic)


We are at the beginning of the Q2 of 2017. It’s time to review our SEO strategy in the Q1.

Some might ask why we need to review and change, if necessary our SEO strategy frequently. The answer lies on how quick the SEO landscape develops in recent years. The best result only available for the most persistent SEO practitioners who could cope with the changes.

That said, as the year 2017 rapidly approaches and changes in customer’s search behaviours and Google’s algorithm updates continues to flock in, now is the perfect time for you to plan your winning strategy for your SEO success in 2017. In the infographic below, you will learn the top trends and shifts that are likely to transpire in the SEO landscape this coming 2017.


Infographic credit: CJG Digital Marketing

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