Top 9 Tactics For Finding New Customers Online (Infographic)



Are you looking for a way to grow your list of leads? You might want to try the following digital marketing methods.

Here are some  valuable insights:

Social media

1. Private message

There’s still incredible value in one on one exchange. Reach out to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ fans via private message, and offer personalized consultations or custom promotions.

2. Group and Communities Discussions

Join both private and public Google Plus communities, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups that relate to your industry. Build relationships with the members and eventually recommend your product.

3. Pay per click ads

If you currently have active social presence, try pay per click advertising. Facebook PPC offers effective and targeted solution. You can target based on age, gender, location, and other special interests.


1. Optimise content for search

Focus on a group of 2 – 3 related keywords for every blog post. If posts are optimised, you’ll draw in qualified traffic, which in turn helps you cultivate a targeted customer base.

2. Guest post on authoritative industry blog

As a link building strategy, guest posting might not be the most effective. However, it still assists in strengthening your online reputation and labeling your business as a go to source.

For more detailed information, take a look at the following infographic.


Infographic credit: FindNewCustomers