Top Internet Viral Videos in 2008


The internet has given rise to so-called “viral” pieces of entertainment. These contents sometimes quirky or unusual videos or pictures become so widespread they are recognized by many on the internet community, either through emails or YouTube.

Courtesy of, here are the internet’s top 10 viral videos.

1. Where the hell is Matt? – This video was started by former game developer Matt Harding, who filmed himself doing a funny dance while on holiday. He quit his job and performs the dance in various locations around the world.

2. Western Spaghetti – This stop motion video is simply weird. Digital artist Adam Pesapane filmed different objects in a kitchen perform in ways they shouldn’t.

3. Christian the Lion – The video of two friends who bought a lion cub in 1969, released it into Kenyan wilderness and went to visit it four years later.

4. Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popcorn) – Proof that anything, no matter how mundane, can become famous on the internet. The title says it all.

5. Obama’s Loss Traced To Nonvoter – Type in a friend’s name on the site hosting this video, send them an email and view the results. The video will blame them for a fantasied Barack Obama loss in the US presidential election.

6. Super Mario Rescues the Princess – Most Super Mario games end with Mario rescuing the Princess from a dreadful fate, but the television show Family Guy explored what really happens in this scenario.

7. How to pretend you give a sh*t about the election – In this fake morning news show segment, The Onion reporter Dan Carlyle tells viewers how to appear knowledgeable about the election without actually caring.

8. Star Wars according to a 3 year old – This video shows a three-year-old explaining the entire plot of the Star Wars saga in less time than George Lucas.

9. Spoofs of T.I.’s Whatever You Like music video – Spoofs of a music video in which a rap music artist romances a fast food worker. Just search YouTube for the many examples.

10. MadTV No Frills Airlines – This skit of a high-cost airline gained massive popularity during the days of $140-a-barrel oil prices.

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