Uber Has Shifted Its Business Practice Into E-Commerce



Despite the fact that consumers are going to the Web to conduct research, buy products and subscribe to services, there are numerous transactions which are happening closer to home than one might think.

In fact, one in twelve orders on Shopify – a cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses – is made by shoppers within 20 miles of a merchant. Accordingly, Shopify has announced a partnership with Uber to offer same-day delivery with UberRush, which is now available in select cities (New York City by bike messengers, Chicago by car and San Francisco by both) with plans to offer the service in more locations over time.


This partnership will likely to prove to be a real advantage to Shopify merchants – especially those looking to cater to modern shoppers who demand flexibility when it comes to delivery options. In fact, 44 percent of consumers want the ability to buy online and pick up their purchases in store, while 40 percent are willing to try purchasing items for same-day delivery.

It should be noted that Shopify merchants enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to provide their customers with the option of choosing UberRUSH as a delivery method upon checkout. The merchant will just have to pack the order, request an Uber pickup and a few minutes later, an UberRUSH courier will arrive to deliver the order to the customer. Both the customer and the merchant can track the exact location from pickup to drop off right from Shopify (see image).