Vine and Twitter Has Their App Connected, Making It Easier For Users


this picture represents vine, the social media sharing based on 6 seconds video loops, logo

Vine and Twitter have released the latest update to make it easier for people to follow their favorite accounts across both social networks.

With the new update, users that have connected their Twitter and Vine accounts will have their Twitter account appear on their Vine profile and other areas of the app. What’s more, people will be able to search for specific Twitter handles to find and confirm the same user on Vine. In fact, when someone taps on a Twitter username, they will go straight to that person’s Twitter account and will be able to follow that person.

Furthermore, a new Twitter setting lets creators choose to show their Vine account on their Twitter profile. With this update, Twitter profiles will display attached Vine accounts with the account’s number of total loops. When the link is clicked / tapped, people are redirected to the user’s account on Vine.


Vine has updated its profiles to show each account’s total loops with the same number shown on connected Twitter accounts. Loops are counted every time a Vine is watched within Vine’s mobile apps and website, as well as on embeds across the Web.

“As people make great Vines that others love and want to watch, those creators get more and more loops. By surfacing that number to the world, anyone can quickly get a sense of that creator and the impact of their Vines” said Vine in one of its official announcement.

The updates are available on the latest versions of Vine for iOS and Twitter for iOS and Android. The update will be arriving on the Vine app for Android soon.