Vine Has Provided Personalised Channels For Users


this picture represents vine, the social media sharing based on 6 seconds video loops, logo

Vine is facilitating an easy way for users to simplify the content discovery process on its app by delivering a new personalised channel to users.

According to the video-sharing app, the Vine home feed is filled with posts from accounts that a user follows. Since there is a lot of other content available outside of a user’s home feed, however, Vine created a new, personalised channel to ease the discovery process.


The new channel, labeled “For You,” is featured in a section at the top of the app. By tapping on the section, users are directed to a channel of personalised content based on previous history on the platform. The channel should help users not only discover new content, but also new creators to follow. The For You channel is currently rolling out on iOS and will be available on Android soon.